Padmaavati مترجم (2018)

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In 13th-century Afghanistan, Jalaluddin Khilji of the Khilji dynasty plans to take over the throne of Delhi. His nephew Alauddin Khilji at the same time brings him a whole ostrich though he was asked only to bring ostrich feather.In return, he ask for Jalaluddin's daughter Mehrunisa's hand in marriage. Their wedding is organised, but on the night of the event, Alauddin engages in adultery with another woman. A courtier witnesses the act and is killed by Alauddin. Mehrunisa is informed of this during the wedding, leaving her horrified.

يروي الفيلم قصة السلطان علاء الدين الخلجي الحاكم الثاني لسلالة الخلجي، وحبه المهووس لراني بادمافاتي ملكة ميوار، التي كانت تُعرف بجمالها وذكائها وشجاعتها، وقصة الحب التي نمت بين كلا الحاكمين بالرغم من الحياة الرغدة التي يحياها الخلجي



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Drama, Hindi-movies

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